Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Thrifted Sewing: Patchwork Tote Bag

Most people that know me know that I love yard sales.  It's a "hobby" that has enabled our family to enjoy a lot of things that we couldn't afford to buy new.  It also is a money-making endeavor that I can pursue pretty easily as a stay at home mom (I buy used books and movies and sell them online).  Attending yard sales after having had a new baby is happening now because the baby is taking a bottle: HALLELUJAH!  (My first two wouldn't, so this is a new freedom for me.)

So this past Saturday, I heard about a woman unloading tons of her fabric at a yard sale at $2 per yard.  This woman seriously had at least eight tables full of stacked fabric, all folded and measured neatly.  Apparently, she had worked at a fabric shop until she was 75 years old and decided she'd rather travel than sew when she finally stopped working.  Later I told my husband that I hope that my family will enjoy choosing my completed quilts to keep rather than having the burden of unloading a massive stash after I've died!  

In years past, I would buy any thrifted fabric I came across, but I've finally learned to be very selective.  I love vintage/retro- looking fabrics.  Their quality can often be questionable, which is why I try to avoid using them in quilts.  Most of the fabric at the yard sale was not my style but I found several gems and only ended up spending about $8.  

On Sunday afternoon I took a nap and therefore couldn't sleep that evening.  I stayed up late and made this tote from the book: Make It, Take It: 16 Cute and Clever Projects to Sew with Friends.  The tote pattern is by Ayumi of Pink Penguin.  Ayumi's style is impeccable!  I really like how this bag turned out, mixing black and white prints with colorful fabrics is one of my favorite things to do.  It's hard to let go, but I am giving this away on my personal facebook page.  I am sure I will make myself another.

I recently organized my vintage fabric stash and it really inspired me to use more of the thrifted finds I've acquired over the years.  It makes me pretty happy that I put some of the newest stash additions to use so swiftly!

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Total stash fabric used in this post: .5 yards
Total stash fabric used since 1/1/15: 74.5 yards
Total stash fabric used to date: 75  yards


Bernie Kringel said...

Your bag is adorable! I love that text print with the bright colors.
I love to scour sales and thrift stores for fabric as well. It pays to be selective though. Looks like you found some nice pieces though.

Rosa said...

Such a beutiful bag and have fun playing with your fabrics!

Carie said...

Wow what a yard sale find!! And I love the mix of fabric in the tote bag - lucky whoever wins it!