Wednesday, March 04, 2015

WIP Wednesday: Boy Quilt

The fun bag I received as part of the FRMQG swap gave me the color/fabric inspiration I needed to make a boy quilt for this baby.  I already had the necessary Cotton and Steel fabrics in my stash and I pulled several blenders for this project.  It's safe to say that my stash of navy fabrics is nearly depleted.  I bought a Fons and Porter 60 degree ruler at Joann's and this top was done in just two days.  Now I am waiting for some navy voile backing to arrive in the mail in order to finish this up.

We've had several chilly days in Colorado that have resulted in many preschool cancellations.  My son is been driving me a little nuts, he's been bored being house bound so often.  I finally came up with an idea to allow him to play in my fabric scraps one afternoon.  He is loving it and Charlotte's been having fun with it too.  It makes a mess but it's pretty harmless.  Since we moved here about a year ago, I have been throwing all of my scraps into two large tote bags that are now overflowing.  They seriously need to get organized but my procrastination will continue to serve the kids well for now.  File this activity under the heading, "fun things to do with scraps," right?

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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Baby Girl Quilt Finished

It's finished and the whole thing only took me one week.  This really is thanks to an amazingly supportive husband.  He tolerates me ignoring household stuff and the kids (when he's around, obviously) so that I can sew.  Seriously, he's the reason I get anything done.

Anyway- if I have a baby girl next, this quilt will be ready for her.  

This pattern is pretty simple.  I have a friend who started this quilt and she gave me great advice: cut the star fabrics at least a half inch bigger than your background fabric.  This gave me extra wiggle room for dealing with the wonky-ness and making sure the star points sufficiently covered the background area before trimming to size.

Isn't the voile backing dreamy?  I am SO glad I finally realized that there were alternatives to using the dreaded minky fabric for baby quilts.  I also got smart and made myself machine bind the quilt- I have learned through experience that children's quilts that actually get used frequently don't hold up well to hand sewn binding.  My first experience doing this wasn't perfect but I appreciated the time I saved and I am happy that the quilt is more durable even at the expense of having some wonky stitching on the edges.

Today we are celebrating my daughter Charlotte's third birthday.  She is so fun and cute.  I promised her that if I have a boy next, she can have this quilt and I think she really likes that idea.  This makes me feel good because she has said, on numerous occasions, that if I have a boy, "I won't love it or hug him."

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

WIP Wednesday: Baby Girl Quilt

All of the blues and greens I have been working with lately have made me crave pink and red.  I haven't started making anything for my baby, so I decided to finally work on some quilts.  I don't find out the gender of my babies, so I prepare by making two quilts.  

My starting point for a baby girl was this voile fabric, by Anna Maria Horner, intended to be used as a soft backing:  

Image result for pretty potent voile

I spent this past weekend working on a scrappy Sparkle Punch quilt top.  We had a snowstorm on Sunday, cancelling church.  I made a ton of progress while my husband was good enough to play with the kids most of the day:

A lot of these fabrics were pulled from my overflowing scrap bins.  I aimed to choose pink fabrics that had at least one other color in them.  To be honest, I had intended to do a baby girl quilt that was much more dramatic with a more vibrant and saturated color scheme.  But it was that darn gorgeous Pretty Potent voile that changed my plans.  If I do have another girl, I probably will just make an additional quilt more true to my original vision.

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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Finish it up Saturday: Lots to Share!

I've tried to go the extra mile for my nephew that's due in about 2 months.  I have five siblings and only two of us are married - I need my brothers and sisters to start having children so that I can continue to make cute baby things.  It's so fun and I love doing it.  

This week, I returned to an old favorite pattern: the "brainy ball."  This thing looks hard to do but it's more time consuming than difficult.  My recent experience in hand quilting encouraged me to try popping the knots through the fabric and it worked!  It worked much better than trying to start the hand sewing in the middle of the ball and trying to come up to the corners for the hand sewing that joins the wedges.  

The sail boat baby quilt is also completed.  I am really happy with it.  I am so late to the party on doing an all HST's quilt!

I ordered this Passport sailboat fabric from Etsy and was sweating it all week, waiting for it to arrive.  The seller sent it very promptly, it just seems like things come slower than they did in MA.  Anyway, I finally gave up on waiting for it and visited a LQS to see if they'd have anything comparable I could use.  The first bolt of fabric I saw was the exact one I had ordered online!  I couldn't believe it because I don't have much luck in finding exactly what I want at brick and mortar stores that cater to traditional quilters!

It's such a perfect fabric for backing a quilt, it's very large scale.  I am not sure what I am going to do with the extra piece I had ordered.

Today was a Front Range Modern Quilt Guild meeting and I was finally able to give the elephant Swoon mini quilt to another member, Noreen.  During show and tell, she shared a mini swoon quilt top she had made- so that made me happy, knowing she likes that design.

This is the mini quilt I received from Cornelia.  I really do have a thing for whales and thought a Narwhal would be a fun twist.  She really put a lot of effort into this!  The quilting is really dense and well done.  She also shared with me that a few of the fabrics are from Senegal- which is definitely special to me considering my love for Africa and African fabrics.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

WIP Wednesday: Nautical Baby Quilt

I hope I am safe posting this before my SIL receives all the baby shower gifts I have been working on.  Sometimes I feel like I really do not have a clue who reads this blog.

Anyway, I have made some bibs to match the nautical theme and here's the quilt top.  I originally thought that I might do the Crazy Mom Quilts no-triangle chevron pattern, but I worried that the blue fabrics might not provide enough contrast for the pattern.  Since the parents are into sailing- I finally decided I would do simple half square triangles since they look like little "sails" without being too literal.  I used this free template to create 3" finished HST's without trimming (8 blocks each time!). This came together really fast.  Now I am just waiting for the perfect backing fabric, it was sent yesterday and I am really hoping that I can get it all in the mail no later than Saturday.

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Monday, February 16, 2015

Le Challenge: Dots for a Baby Nephew

My sister-in-law is expecting a baby boy just two weeks before me.  The baby shower is at the end of February.  I wish I could be there but I am happy to make some baby items to send.  She let me know that "sailing/nautical" is the nursery theme and she likes blues and greens.  Yesterday afternoon, I whipped up these bibs and today I will continue to work on the quilt.  

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Friday, February 13, 2015

Finish it up Friday: Swoon Quilt Top and AMH Pillow

 Happy Friday everyone!  I stayed up a bit late last night to finish this quilt top, effectively decimating my black fabric stash.  But it's good: that's what it's for, right?

Honestly, I enjoyed making these Swoon blocks A LOT.  I would've made more if I had had more typewriter fabric.  That fabric was hard to find when it first came out, so I would pretty much have to sell my unborn child for more of it at this point.  I opted for big borders instead of more blocks, aiming for queen size at 90 x 108.

The decision to go scrappy was made just before I started sewing.  I wouldn't have had enough of one print to do otherwise anyhow.

Here's a close up of that last block that needed a bit more fabric to be completed.  As soon as it arrived in the mail, I got to work.  This picture also shows a fun, quirky print I won in a giveaway from Australia.  Sad to see it all gone now but it's so fun and I am glad I used it.

The drawback to making such a big quilt is getting it quilted.  I am not sure if my longarm free motion skills are good enough and I am not sure if a computerized pantograph would really work for this.  I will think on it for a while.

Here's another finish, a quilted pillow made with a 2.5" charm pack of Anna Maria Horner fabrics that was a freebie with a previous fabric order.  This pillow came together with a solid blue FQ from my stash, a scrap of binding from my Dreamweaver quilt, and a Dowry print I had.  I sent it to a friend whom I love- she's always been so appreciative of things I've made and she's been on my mind.

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