Friday, March 27, 2015

Easter Dress: Addison Pattern for Modkid by Patty Young

My mom came for a visit and every time she comes, I try to do a sewing project that she can assist with.  She's not an extremely avid sewist, but she definitely has had experience and is good for helping me wrap my brain around patterns and sewing challenges.  We made my master bedroom curtains together and she helped me eke out enough of the black fabric for the maternity shirt I made.  For this visit, I got out the Addison dress pattern I've had for forever and some stash fabrics: Modern Whimsy bunnies and some Kona Pomegranate.

I prewashed the fabrics and traced out the pattern for a size 3T.  I tackled buttonholes for the first time ever (not super scary after all!).  The most difficulty I had was with the tiny sleeve cuffs- those were a killer.  

This picture shows the bow/sash in the back:

I can't wait for her to wear it to church for many Sundays.  Even though this garment was probably the most challenging garment I've ever attempted, it really wasn't too bad and I could definitely see myself making another.  She really likes it too, it definitely helps that there is a "critter" motif for the main fabric.

On a completely different note, I wanted to share a new quilting tool I invested in: software to print out my own Thangle-like HST's templates.  I really do not like making half square triangle units the traditional way: cut two squares extra big, draw a line diagonally down one square, sew two 1/4" lines on either side of that line, iron, and worst of all: lots of trimming.  I have bought Thangles numerous time (for about $7-9 per pack) and that adds up.  It's also inconvenient to wait for them in the mail or find my LQS is out of the stock of the specific size I need. I finally learned about this software that allows you to print your own templates in every conceivable size: Triangulations.  I am not sponsored by this company at all, but I thought it would be helpful to share here.  It cost about $32 with shipping but I know it's going to be worth it.  I rarely spend my sewing money on anything but fabric, but I think this was worth the investment.  Here's a link on amazon where I found mine.

Thanks for reading.  I have a BIG finish to share next week.  Have a great weekend.

Total stash fabric used in this post: 3 yards
Total stash fabric used since 1/1/15: 27.5 yards
Total stash fabric used to date: 30.5 yards


jednoiglec said...

Dress is totally adorable! So as little sweetie:)

Caitlin and Jared said...

That is adorable!

Rachie said...

That dress is so adorable! She is such a cutie!