Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Retreat Secret Sister Swap Items

I've decided to participate in a few swaps with the guild - the most recently completed one was the "Secret Sister Swap" at the retreat.  We were given a simple information sheet to fill out, asking us about our favorite designers, colors, and treats.  Within just a few hours of my arrival to the retreat, I received a whole big bag full of fun things.  This was the bag I received:

Inside the bag was a mug rug made with AMH Loulouthi fabrics.  The quilting is really impressive.  See that orange grid on the blue dotted fabric?  That is all quilted in orange thread!  So pretty.

The bag was chock full of other treats and goodies.  The whale softie kit was a generous extra received on Sunday.

My partner was Lyn (I had no idea- so it was a fun surprise) and she really spoiled me!  Here's a shot of the AMH Loulouthi scraps she gave me:

These are the items I gave to my secret sister, Beccy.  The bottom left item is a Noodlehead Road Trip Case, blogged here.  The choice of the red bike fabric for the open wide zip pouch was a happy accident: she loves biking but I had no idea!  I just chose that fabric because she said she liked the color red and that fabric had a little pink in it, which matched one of the only 14" zippers I had on hand.

Here's a picture of the "swag" the retreat organizers got for us from some generous sponsors.  I am especially thrilled with the fabric, I already own most of it but I am more than happy to have more.

Finally, here is a picture of my current WIP that I started sewing in the last few hours of the retreat.  I have a nephew's baby shower deadline coming up, so the pressure is on!

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