Monday, June 09, 2014


The curtains in our new home are not great.  This picture is of our master bedroom curtains- they are sheer and afford no privacy. (Sorry for the poor photos!  I find it difficult to photograph something really bright in a dark room!).

I stalked for quite a while, waiting for this AMH linen "Ghost Wing" print to go on sale.  I bought some black-out drapery liner at Hobby Lobby.  I followed this tutorial to make "Lined Back Tab Curtain panels," and my mom and I knocked this project out in a few hours one evening last week.  We switched out the curtain rod from another room to better support the heavy panels.

Our family room desperately needs new curtains too, but after four months of living here, I am still stumped as to what fabric to buy for that project!  I will think of something soon hopefully.  Thanks for reading.


Izzy said...

They look awesome! I'm going to check out that tutorial because I need new curtains desperately! Thanks for the link. :-)

Sarah Fredette said...

It's really hard to decide on curtains - then you have to make them! I'm really lucky (or unlucky depending on the point of view) to only have three windows. So one window has a random piece of home dec from Joanns, flung over the current rod and straight pinned in place. One window has a thermal panel from Target. And the last window has an old throw blanket draped over the curtain rod. :D Yours don't sound so bad, hunh?

MalinisQuilts said...

Those curtains look awesome.
I know these are always tricky to make. I have some curtains at home which I need to replace.