Friday, December 13, 2013

Frou Frou Bag

Okay, so I became a little obsessive about having three entries into the Sew Sweetness and Sew Mama Sew Bag contest.  The prizes are fantastic and I love making bags- so it's been great motivation to get them done.  It's also been a nice break from long term projects and Christmas sewing.

My final entry into the contest is this "Frou Frou Bag"- another free pattern by Sara found here.  Deciding on which stash fabrics to use was a difficult choice.  I nearly went with a floral but decided that flowers + ruffles really might be too much girliness for me.  I really loved Sara's version- she used a Tufted Tweets fabric so I decided to "go quirky" as well and pulled out this Storybook Lane fabric by Andover from my stash.  Luckily I had the perfect piece of powder pink solid to do the ruffles as well.

 Of the three Sew Sweetness patterns I have completed this week, I would have to say this was the most challenging.  I cut the main panel pattern piece WAY too big and nearly had a meltdown - believing I may have ruined my chances at using the Storybook fabric.  Sewing the outer square pockets onto the front of the bag was a royal headache too but it's such a sweet element of the design, I persevered.  Admittedly, I did get the error message on my machine, "Stop for safety reasons" at least twice.

I used the leftover pieces of the automotive headliner fabric from the Petrillo bag, lots of Pellon Decor Bond, and some fusible fleece.  I love the detail of adding D-rings to the strap.

The lining has four roomy pockets and features a favorite Remix print.  While I was making this bag, my iron completely died.  It was horrible timing especially because both my children had just fallen asleep at the same time and I had lots of sewing time on my hands!  I have borrowed an iron from my mom until I can shop for a replacement.

So here's the fruits of my labor from the past week or so: three awesome Sew Sweetness bags.  All made from stash and lots of interfacing.  I would have to say that the middle one is my favorite, for now.

I rewarded myself with some mindless sewing this morning, I made a few selvage blocks - the perfect easy sewing task that requires no measuring, ironing, and hardly any precision.

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alidiza said...

Love, love and love!!! Sew much cuteness;-) Rumor has it there's going to be an iron off at Quilter's Way soon with discounts so you might want to wait to replace.

Mama Lusco said...

Gorgeous bags! I've been spending more on interfacing than fabric with all the bag-making lately....Sara definitely likes her interfacing :) Good work!

Danih03 said...

Awe, that is a sweet bag! And I think you made the right fabric choices!!!! Way to cute!!!!!!! I think this one is my favorite of the 3 you made!

Mara said...

I think this is my favorite out of your three, great details and love the fabric, I didn't even know about this free pattern, thanks for sharing.

MalinisQuilts said...

Such a cute bag with the ruffle details. the pop of green was a pleasant surprise.
I haven't attempted any special hand bags yet. So, can't really comment there.

Love the main fabric too.

Lisa said...

I love the fru fru, great job!

Jen said...

Oh no, a dead iron! You should see if you can find a good deal on an Oliso. I swear by mine!