Wednesday, November 13, 2013

WIP Wednesday

We had an awesome long weekend and I got a few things done in addition to the Sunburst Sling.  A few more capes needed to be made, one for Gregory's only cousin and one for my daughter Charlotte.  Once again, I used the Thread Riding Hood tutorial, found here.

Finally, I got around to making a thread wreath.  You all know I am a yard sale junkie (I go mainly to buy used books and movies, which I resell online) and I often cannot resist thrifted crafty supplies.  It got a little out of control a few years ago: I would buy anything sewing related  and our apartment couldn't handle so much stuff.  So I sold a whole bunch of stuff on Craigslist, including a lot of old thread.  I decided to save a bit of the thread and chose to set aside all of the fall colors so that I could eventually make a fall themed wreath, and here it is, finally.  Those projects that you always procrastinate often end up being some of the easiest, quickest things, don't they?  This took maybe 2 hours on Sunday afternoon - I borrowed my mom's glue gun and got to work.  Soon enough, when I have my own sewing space, I would love to decorate it with a thread wreath that features all sorts of different colored thread.

Here's an update of my City Sampler blocks:


Finally, I feel compelled to fess up to a Marden's trip my mom and I took on Monday.  I received some tough news a few weeks ago and decided to plan a day trip with my mom, so that I would have something to look forward to.  Fabric therapy is probably not the best coping mechanism, says the latent social worked within me, but it was a nice getaway.  The store was giving 20% off already reduced fabrics in addition to their super low prices, so most of this was about $2.50 a yard!  

I keep running into people in my real life who mention that they read my blog and it catches me off guard sometimes.  So many people do not comment - so I have no idea who's reading it.  I am not saying it's bad to not comment - I rarely do when I read blogs myself.  But I just hope everyone isn't judging me for my crazy fabric addiction :)  

I am kind of at a turning point with my projects: I still have a small "to do list" of minor UFO's and some Christmas sewing that I would like to accomplish.  But overall, I am feeling excited because I have a lot of major WIP's completed and I am feeling excited about starting some new projects soon.  

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alidiza said...

So much cuteness!!! I love the thread wreath, the perfect accessory for a stitchy home;-)

Rachel said...

I started buying a lot of fat quarters as a coping mechanism to deal with the stress of writing my dissertation this past summer. Like the extra coffee I started drinking at the same time, I told myself I'd stop when grad school was over...but its too much fun.