Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Q4: Finish-A-Long List for Dresden Lane

I have heard about the "FAL" (Finish-A-Long) blog project for a little while and always thought I had better be on board in January to participate.  I finally learned that you can join in on any quarter, so this is my post with a list of projects I want to finish by January 1, 2014.  I love lists plus I really want to stay organized and be productive as I prepare to move - so this is great time to participate in finish up all those UFO's!  

#1 I am really trying to focus on the Christmas Countdown project - it's relatively small and I want to use it with my kids this Christmas season:

#2  This is my last un-quilted quilt top I have lying around and the hexagonal flowers date back to 2009.  Definitely time to decide on some backing and just get it done!

#3 It would be awesome to complete this Woodland Sampler and frame it:

#4:  This is a leftover hand-pieced hexagon leftover from this quilt.  I accidentally oriented the hoola-hoop girl with a point at the top of the design, so I couldn't use it in the quilt.  I can't bring myself to throw it away and I already have 2 Little Apples charm packs - so hopefully I can find the time to turn this into the centerpiece of a simple baby quilt.

#5:  You all know I have been working on this City Sampler for a while now and it's the last big quilt I really want to have done before moving.  I have a long-arm studio appointment for November 22 - so this is definitely one of my top priorities:

#6  I am also hoping to quilt this Harry Potter quilt for my sister and give it to her for Christmas:

Thanks for reading!  I am dying to start all sorts of new projects but hopefully I can exercise some restraint and get a lot of these completed!

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