Monday, September 16, 2013

Fabric Monday: Online Fabric Shopping

Accomplishing much sewing lately has been slow going.  My children's sleep schedules have drastically changed - I used to be able to steal up to 5 hours a day (admittedly neglecting housework) with their synchronized nap schedules and didn't feel guilty allowing my son to watch some PBS every morning while I sewed and his sister slept in.  Now they are both waking up a little later in the morning and my son is not napping at all.  He's nearly four years old now, so I know I've had a good run.  They both go to bed at a decent hour, but evening and late night sewing has eluded me. 

The fabric shopping hasn't accomodated my slower sewing pace and it needs to.  The above picture shows my recent acquisitions from Fat Quarter Shop and Pink Castle Fabrics.  I bought these after destashing some fabrics in my etsy shop.  Sometimes it's a weird cycle: I sell fabrics I kind of like (or "extras" of them) to be able to buy different fabrics. 

I recently referred a friend to my post, written about a year ago, that details the fabric shops I like in the Boston area.  I have to update that list and say that I have had recent success at Bits 'N Pieces in Pelham, NH.  If you get on their email list, it is very easy to hear of some great deals. Last Friday they had a 13 fat quarters for $13 sale.  Over the weekend they had "Buy 2, Get 1 Free" of yardage in their sale section.  Here's a picture of my haul.  Overall, I bought about 14 yards for $57.  She has a lot of Moda that I don't often buy online because it disappears so quickly and often doesn't go on sale (you all know I am cheap frugal, right?)

I promised a post about my favorite online shops a while ago, people often ask me what sites I like the best.  My main objective is always to get a great price on the fabrics I like.  Here's a list with highlights about my favorites:

Pink Castle Fabrics:  Brenda has great taste, awesome sales, and impeccable customer service.  I recently made a very small order on a Friday and then they restocked something I had been eyeing on Saturday.  When I asked if they'd combine the two orders to save on shipping, they also added an extra discount for me because I hadn't had the option to use two discount codes.  I will say that her shop is so popular, you've got to jump on what you like fast.

Quilt Home:  They stock major lines from Michael Miller, Free Spirit, and some Moda.  I wait until a particular line is 25% off (this also happens when it's newly released or you can check their website where they have a different code every day) and buy half yards of my favorites.  I often destash fat quarters from these orders to offset my own cost.  They ship really fast and also have great customer service. 

Delray Fabrics:  Pam has an awesome "specials" section and ships so fast.  Echino often ends up at $10 per yard (as opposed to $18-22) and that's how I have afforded those pricey fabrics.  She often has a lot of "hidden treasures" that can't be found elsewhere.

Hawthorne Threads: They have almost everything, restock often, and ship really fast. This used to be where I got most of my really great deals but their prices haven't been as competitive lately.  I also have enjoyed the "free shipping on orders over $35" but was sad to see that that is changing soon according to their website.  Shipping is slow and mistakes on orders do have often but I have been happy overall.

Etsy:  I like to use etsy to find specific fabrics and sales.  I have only had one problem with one seller- but that was definitely the exception to the rule.  I like that most of the fabric sellers are quick to communicate and will answer my questions about color and scale- which is definitely something that you won't find with the bigger companies. 

That's it for now.  I would love to hear anyone's favorites that I have missed.  I don't have any sponsors, so please be assured that my opinions are my own. 


Kathy@KayakQuilting said...

Great shopping! Thanks Laurie for your thoughts on the on-line can be so overwhelming with all the eye candy from the various sites tempting me to lose control of my PayPal account! I agree about Bits N Pieces. The place can sometimes be a little crazy but the people who work there are super nice and I have a lot of luck with sales there as well.

Jen said...

You listed some of my favorites. I will also go to Pink Chalk Fabrics, Sew Fresh Fabrics and Fat Quarter Shop in addition to those mentioned. Westwood Acres is one of my favorite Etsy shops.

Turtlemoonimpressions said...

Thanks for sharing Laurie! I can only add that I just dropped a bundle at for lots of bargains. And I use Hawthorne Threads a lot.

MalinisQuilts said...

Great fabric scores! I see you love lot of Bonnie & Camille fabrics. I in love every new fabric line they come up. Is the one in first pic, Scrumptious?

It was a great sale @ Bits N Pieces.