Monday, June 03, 2013


I scored a serious jackpot at yard sales over the weekend.  The first treasure I came across was two curtains made out of Amy Butler wallflower fabric!  The person simply cut off the selvages and sewed on two sides - so making the fabric usable is going to be very easy.  It ended up being four yards for $2!
I also found an awesome sewing table for $25.  The person had bought it a year ago and hadn't used it.  When I came to the sale, another lady was hemming and hawing about buying it and I was just waiting with anticipation to see what her decision would be.  I almost waited until she had left (she was indicating that maybe she'd come back at the end of the day) - but I finally said, "I don't want to interfere or make anyone feel bad, but I am happy to buy it."  The other customer seemed relieved and wasn't put out at all.

The only person who ended up feeling a little put out was my husband.  He didn't appreciate returning from an hour plus drive after a somewhat sleepless night camping with our three year old son to go to a yard sale to pick up an item he felt I didn't really need.  I tried to show him what a good deal it was - it's still on sale at Joann's and was $162 over the weekend- but I am not sure if that did the trick.  Oh well - I have to say that I am thrilled.  It's the kind of thing that I never would've splurged on at the store but I LOVE it!  And my previous sewing table was on loan.  Here it is in my sewing space:

I also picked up this gorgeous hand-embroidered pillowcase for $1.  I love stuff like this!
Lastly, I finally found a cotton dress for Charlotte that I will eventually cut up to make her birth announcement wall-hanging (like this one that I made for her brother.)  So many cute clothes are made out of material that you wouldn't want to sew with and/or it might be too pricey or cute to ruin eventually.  I also had to find something with pink in it.  I finally found this at Kohl's and with a few sales in my favor, it came home with me for only $4.  Booya!  Next time you see that plaid - it will probably be as pieced hexagons.

Thanks for reading!


MalinisQuilts said...

Good scores!

Charlotte is so adorable. Love that plaid dress! Or future hexagons!

Stephanie said...

What amazing finds! I'm not usually a yard sale person but I think I don't find the hiddn good ones that make it all worth it! :)

Jenny said...

lucky duck!!

Turtlemoonimpressions said...

You sure scored! Good finds!