Thursday, June 06, 2013

Tag Along Pattern

Thanks for being excited with me about my thrifting finds.  I failed to take a picture of the attachment to the table that can be used for piecing, ironing, and whatever else you want to put there.  It's one of the best features of the table!  But look at the little shelf on the bottom (under the machine) - that is really making me feel cramped when I sit to sew - maybe I can take it out?  We'll see.

I finally finished something!  It's called a "Tag Along" by This and That Designs- I bought the pattern at a booth when I went to MQX a few months ago.  It is a very late birthday present for my cross-stitch addicted sister.  I sent her a link to the Happy Go Lucky collection and she approved - so I ordered a charm pack.  I love this line - there's not a print that I don't like.

I used other prints from my stash to complement the charm pack.  Here's the outside.  The project requires a big piece of peltex to make the tote very sturdy:

Here's the inside:

I think using vinyl for this project is genious - it intimidated me a little to work with as well as installing a zipper - but it went smoothly.  Actually, the most challenging part of this project was attaching the binding - it has a lot of layers to deal with and go around.

I like that the left pocket is big enough for standard printer paper - my sister only buys cross stitch patterns that you print online and it's nice to have a good place to store them.

Patchwork Please also has a version of this project that I may try or at least consult to make my own custom version of this project again soon.


Jen said...

What a great gift for your sister. I love the fabrics you picked for it too.

alidiza said...

This is fabulous!!! Definitely a stylish way to always have your stitching with you:-) I'm sure she'll love it!