Monday, January 28, 2013

36-Patch Quilt Top Completed

I actually expanded my design wall to accomodate this massive project - 36-patch blocks made out of Denyse Schmidt fabrics.  I haven't done a lot of "progress" blog posts on this because I wasn't sure how I felt about this project and I couldn't decide whether I even liked it.  I was inspired by our guild's challenge to use precious fabrics that we've been reluctant to cut into.  I used up the last of some of my KJR, FMF, and Hope Valley - I'll admit it was a little painful!
Sewing the 30 blocks together had to be done quickly- I snagged the opportunity on a Saturday morning when my husband was still gone on a campout and Charlotte was having her morning nap.  I cleared some space on our living room floor and got to work!
I did enjoy pulling fabric combinations together - I strived for high contrast and competing values within the pairs of fabrics rather than going for real "matchy-matchy."  I knew I didn't want to sash the blocks and that if I planned to put them close together, side by side, they better be able to stand on their own.
I couldn't get a great picture of it and Nick wouldn't agree to go on the roof, as he has done before to help me showcase large quilt tops.  It measures 90 x 108.  Not all of the points match up - there are 1,080 3" squares after all and I am no perfectionist.  Once I have this quilted and bound - I am sure I will know better whether I really like this quilt.  Sometimes - when I work on something for a while, I get really sick of it and it's hard to know if I feel it was really worth it.


parsley said...

Tell me exactly how long this took you! I love it, I've been contemplating a similar idea with scrap but all that piecing has me concerned it will take forever. Maybe not?

jane said...

Holy cow! What an ambitious project. It came out great.

jane said...

Holy cow! What an ambitious project. It came out great.

alidiza said...

WOW!!! That is precious;-)

MalinisQuilts said...

Great looking quilt. Wow, that many squares and a king size quilt. Only you can pull that off.
Can't wait to see how you quilt it.

Jen said...

Awesome job! Can't wait to see it in person.