Sunday, August 12, 2012

BMQG at Lowell Quilt Festival

This picture is SO fun - so I had to start with it first.  After the panel, "The Future of Quilting" that Rachel and I participated in, Mary and Marianne Fons came over to our gallery and took in our show. 
 It wasn't long before they started dismantling our displays.....  Just kidding - they had the great idea to have us hold Rebecca's awesome guild logo quilt for the above picture. 
 Mary and Marianne were so fun, funny, warm, and encouraging.  I really enjoyed visiting with them.  I will do a post on the panel and what was discussed within the next couple of days.  They really did love our show and I was excited for the few BMQG members who got to visit with them. 
 Here's Alexis, Rebecca (holding Charlotte), Alice, and I manning the table on Friday afternoon.  Sitting at the show was really a lot of fun.  It was fun to chat with friends and interact with the show visitors. 
I had Charlotte with me for most of my shifts and she was a real trooper.  The poor girl is not even 6 months and has already been to her fair share of quilting and fabric related events/venues.
 I submitted 3 quilts and one mini to the show.  Here's one of them (I also submitted my mod mosaic bee quilt as well as the African Heart quilt):
 This is a selection of most of the mini quilts that were showcased.  You can tell how diverse and talented  our guild is from just this one picture.
 Here's Alice's Ghastlies quilt.  I heard a rumor that a Mills resident asked her to sell it to her.  That is a great compliment!
 I am so impressed that Lia managed to quilt this beautiful "Birds of Paradise" quilt on a longarm when she was 9 months pregnant.  It is just gorgeous (pattern by Sarah Fielke).
 Here's Rebecca's stunner that has received a lot of attention from The Modern Quilt Guild.
 Jane's tumbler quilt was stunning and makes me regret destashing my Echo bundle:
 I love this beautiful quilt by Alexis
I couldn't include pictures of all of the quilts in this post but if you find the BMQG Facebook page, you will see albums and links to other blogs that help to document the whole show.

One of my favorite parts of the weekend was the Friday night reception.  Lots of guild members attended with their friends and family.  It was so fun to hang out with each other and celebrate the accomplishment of hosting a show at a major festival and we all couldn't get over at how professional and polished it all looked.  I feel so indebted to all of the guild members who pitched in to make this possible. 

It was New Year's Eve morning (2011) that I received an email from the director of the New England Quilt Museum asking to meet with me.  I was able to go over right away and I soon agreed to participate in the panel discussion as well as the guild show.  I was 7 months pregnant and the commitment felt overwhelming.  But it wasn't long before our guild members rallied together and this weekend was a very satisfying culmination of their efforts and passion for the guild.  I won't name names but you know who you are - thank you so much!

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