Monday, July 23, 2012

Whale Quilt, Part II

Thanks to everyone for their kindness and encouragement regarding my Anne Kelle Christmas projects.  It was no small feat to get all of that completed after having a baby!  But it was worth it - I truly love her fabrics and creating something for her blog was literally a "bucket list" kind of accomplishment for me.

So, after getting all of that stuff done- I definitely had Anne Kelle fabrics on the brain.  Earlier this year, when I learned that I had had a baby girl, I knew that a pink version of my son's whale blanket must be made ASAP.  So here is Charlotte's fourth quilt (and she's only 4 months old!):

 I bought this pink whale sleeper shortly after she was born, knowing that she would eventually have a whale quilt to match:
 I debated doing a fuzzy/minkee-like backing, but my decision was easy when I spotted this whale "soft and cuddly" fabric at Joann's:
 I bound the quilt in the leftover strips from the front:
 Here are my two little rascals cuddling their quilts together:
 I just love the whale fabric, the simple design of squares in squares, and the effective use of solid fabrics. 

During the process of making Charlotte's quilt, I attempted to take pictures of the process of making a quilt with a minkee-like backing fabric.  Tutorial to come very soon!


alidiza said...

Fabulous!!! Everything about this is just perfect... and you know how much I appreciate you matching Charlotte's jammies to her quilt;-) The adorable kids are just the icing on the cake!

Laura said...

seriously - in LOVE! simple, beautiful, bold! love it!