Tuesday, April 28, 2020

The Last 2019 Finish

I almost forgot that one more quilty finish slipped into the end of 2019.  Nick was off of work during Christmas vacation for two weeks and I got this baby quilt done so fast.  It was super satisfying!

I made this quilt for a friend and neighbor whom I go to church with.  She's cousins with one of my favorite friends I met in Colorado- Leslie.  You can see the quilt I made Leslie's daughter here.  

Choosing the fabrics for this quilt was almost effortless.  I can hardly understand how I was able to choose fabrics so easily for this quilt.  Right now I am in the thick of trying to choose fabrics for new quilts and I am really struggling with getting the "right" combination of fabrics to make a pattern look great.... it's difficult sometimes!

The pattern comes from the book Growing Up Modern by Allison Harris.  I modified the pattern in the typical way I modify many patterns: I made it bigger!  The quilt measures 55" square.

I backed the quilt in a soft minky fabric- this quilt is so snuggly! 

The baby receiving this quilt was born around 4 p.m. on February 28- SO close to leap day.  His parents did not want him born on leap day, they were relieved it didn't happen- haha!