Sunday, February 09, 2020

Flowering Snowball Ginger Snap Quilt

This finish was one of my most satisfying finishes of 2019.  In Colorado, my guild had an Accuquilt die for the flowering snowball quilt.  This is definitely a quilt that I would never want to cut out by hand.  So I decided to dive in and prepared fabrics from my stash to make a queen sized quilt.  At the February 2017 FRMQG retreat, I got everything cut.  Turns out, sewing 72 flowering snowball blocks is pretty tedious and boring.  I think it was in the fall of 2018, after moving back to NH, that I really started banging them out and I finally got all of the blocks put together.  They sat quite a while longer and finally became a quilt top in the fall of 2019.  With my life so full with a new baby, a longarm that was working intermittently, and I had some fears about all of the bias in this top- I went ahead and paid my friend Hannah to quilt it for me.  The last stitch of hand binding was completed on Christmas Eve 2019.

This quilt measures 96x108.  It's pretty big!  I love the subtle Christmas theme that some of the fabrics convey.  I have no worries about keeping it on my bed well into February.  

I added other fabrics from my stash besides the Heather Bailey Ginger Snap collection.  The background fabric is a Cloud9 Cirrus Solid in Ash.  The small red squares are also a Cloud9 Cirrus.

I backed the quilt in some economical finds from both Marden's and Keepsake Quilting.  I love the Russian nesting dolls!

I like the quilting Hannah did for me and she did confirm what I expected: quilting all of that bias was a little tricky.  I didn't want to ruin my piecing and other hard work with my mediocre free motion quilting.  I'm glad I sent it out to be quilted.

I'm slowly getting caught up on 2019 quilt finishes- just two more to go.  Thanks for reading.

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Paul M. Edwards said...

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