Thursday, April 25, 2019

Baby Boy Quilt Finish

I am pregnant with my fourth child and it's a boy.  I am due July 4th.  Honestly, it has been my most most difficult pregnancy both emotionally and physically.  We've known for a while that we wanted to expand our family and relocating to the northeast was part of the plan.  Even though pregnancy and caring for an infant is so difficult, I know it will all be worth it.  The kids are excited and Charlotte even took the news of another boy quite well (I prepped her with how "special" it will be to be the only girl in the family....  

My first priority to make items for the baby is to have their own special baby quilt made by mom.  Hopefully they will be attached to it like Owen is to his (the binding is kind of falling apart thanks to his attachment to it and lots of unavoidable laundering).  Charlotte's quilt has also seen a lot of love. Gregory preferred a store bought blanket from Kohl's that a friend gifted us (first picture of him with it in this post).   

Baby boy #3 is hopefully going to love this wonky star quilt.  I just love it and I am thrilled with it.  By only feeling of regret is that the light mint green is going to look dirty fast.... but I couldn't resist the color scheme and don't really love baby/nursery themes that feature lots of dark colors.  He's due in the summer after all.  

A design wall was crucial in putting this quilt all together- every square had a specific home to make the arrangement turn out as planned.

I backed the quilt in an older Cotton and Steel lawn fabric.  The colors match the quilt perfectly- you would have thought I planned the back before the front! 

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