Thursday, June 21, 2018

Orange Zoo Quilt

I bought a big chunk of orange solid fabric at my LQS, an intended project for my three year old son, Owen.  This kid LOVES the color orange- it's seriously uncanny to see his love and devotion to the color- it's definitely not something I taught or encouraged in him.  In my search for a pattern to use with the orange fabric (and some FQ's from an older Cloud9 fabric line by Ed Emberley) I borrowed a friends book and I bought two patterns - but I still couldn't commit.  Finally, I came across the element of an easy block: the Greek Cross.  I figured out some quilt math to make the cross out of three pieces instead of five (minimizing the breaking up of the larger scaled animal fabrics seemed wise).  Here's the very bright result:

This quilt came together in less than 3 weeks- once I finally had the plan- cutting and sewing took very little time.  I love having my own longarm and the fact that I can just get something finished in my own home rather than seeking out the (less than stellar) options for renting a longarm in Colorado. 

I quilted an all over, boxy meander over the whole quilt with orange thread.

This quilt measures 84x96. 

I used some Rhoda Ruth wideback fabric for the backing and bound it in a blue stripe.  

I was hoping the completion of this quilt would help my son be ready to transition to the twin sized bottom bunk of our bunk bed set but he's still attached to his toddler bed.  Oh well!  It will happen eventually.

Thanks for reading.

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Sarah Fredette said...

It turned out really cute!! I really like how well the orange plays with the animal fabrics. :D