Thursday, December 14, 2017

Custom Order Bags

Just as the craft fairs ended, I received two requests for custom orders.  I agreed to complete them and found that I really enjoyed the projects.  It was really nice to have a guaranteed sale, rather than make something without being positive it would sell.  I also really liked being able to be creative and think outside the box a little.  

A friend from high school asked me to make her young children Christmas stockings.  I have made unique, patchwork stockings for all of my children previously and it's a fun project.  This friend gave me quite a lot of creative license to do whatever I wanted- which did feel a little intimidating- but freeing at the same time.  The only caveat she gave me was, "Don't use cutesy characters."  I'll admit that was a little bit of a challenge, because I love that cute stuff for kids.  But I am sure what I created for her will have the benefit of not being outgrown in a few years.

I used all stash fabric, mostly scraps of Brambleberry Ridge fabrics, along with some RK metallic gold linen.  I am particularly proud of the gold linen addition- I had some leftover from making some pouches for the craft fairs and it really calms the busyness of the scrappy, patchwork look.  I barely had enough for two cuffs, but I am happy I made it work.

Here's the back of the stockings:

Another custom order I completed was a result of my husband running my booth at my last craft fair.  I was only gone for about thirty minutes, but enjoyed spending time with my kids while he made sales.  A lady came by and fell in love with a dog themed pouch I had made and wondered if I could make one that featured Pugs.  One thing led to another, and eventually she decided she would buy Pug fabric locally and she brought the fabric to me.  I made a large sized pouch:

This fabric cracks me up because of the funny expressions on the dogs faces as well as the scale of the print; but I am proud to have made a really nice looking pouch and my customer was very happy.  She is gifting it to a friend who lost their pet recently.

Today, I almost took on another custom order but it didn't work out.  A lady was looking for someone to make "a zippered pillow cover with some fabric I have."  I contacted her with confidence because the type of project I thought she was talking about seemed very simple.  It turned out that she wanted someone to repair a broken invisible zipper on an existing upholstery weight couch cushion = VERY different than what she had originally stated.  I kindly declined after learning more. 

Custom work is definitely a learning experience and I am just beginning.  I'll let you know if more opportunities come along. 

Linking up to Elm Streets Bag It event.   (Stockings may be considered an unconventional item to be referred to as a "bag" but it works!   Participant guidelines state, "For this event, a bag is defined as a container made of fabric that you can put something inside."  I definitely employed several bag making techniques when making them).


Kay said...

I like stockings like these, the will never date and be too young for them as they become teenagers. You made me laugh over your definition of a bag! x

Patty said...

That dog themed pouch is so cute! Thanks for sharing as part of the Elm Street Quilts Bag It event!

Kat said...

Where oh where did you find the pug fabric? LOVE the bag and stockings!

Linda Thomas said...

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