Friday, April 28, 2017

Hey Mercedes Purse: Jackalope Style

For Christmas, my sister gave me Sara Lawson's newest book: Windy City Bags.  The "Hey Mercedes" pattern really appealed to me, so I went to work making it over the past few weeks.

Yes, it definitely took me more than a few days to make this bag.  Bag making is serious business, you almost spend more time cutting out fabric and interfacing, as well as locating hardware, than you do actually sewing.  

But the reward is pretty sweet when you're finished.  Here's the front:

Here's the back:

I just love a good fabric pairing outside the bounds of using fabrics from the same collection.  I used Tall Tales Jackalope in Dusk and Geometric Bliss Polygons in Yellow.  The red solid is a Cirrus solid from Cloud9.

I didn't put a magnetic snap in because I thought I had one and when I realized I didn't, I didn't want to waste a good half hour going to Joanns to get one.  I am fine with that choice- if it had really mattered to me, I would've gone to the store.  I found the metal rectangle rings at Hobby Lobby- they were a buckle style, but I just used pliers to remove the middle bar.  So much better than special ordering them!

I really like this purse and I am excited to carry around this whimsical fabric that I enjoy so much.  It's a bit bigger than the purse I've been carrying around for a while now: my 241 tote.  I am glad to have something a little bigger that will better accommodate the few things I like to carry around with me.

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Danette said...

This turned out lovely! I have this book, but have not sewn this bag yet. Enjoy your new bag!

rushmyessay discount code said...

The design is really great and did a great job , and I don't think you need to put a magnetic snap in it .. it really look nice without it ... and in my opinion it will be more convinient ...