Thursday, February 02, 2017

Lots of Quilting Projects in the Works

I apologize for the poor quality of these pictures in this post, I considered not posting at all because of my unhappiness with them but I've come to see this space as a personal record more than anything.  It's better to just write the post and continue to work on achieving better pictures rather than avoid posting.  I honestly think part of why I don't blog as much lately is because I have such a hard time taking decent pictures of my projects.  In Massachusetts, I lived in an apartment that would just light up with natural light on the sunny days- I simply stuck whatever I was working on onto my design wall (in my kitchen!) and took the photo and it would look great.  In Colorado, a state much sunnier than Massachusetts, my house is a tri-level on a hill and taking advantage of natural sunlight is much more difficult.  I know it would help if I actually learned how to use my camera properly.....

But anyway, I wanted to share the many quilty projects I've been working on.  I really want to get back to quilt making- I've missed it.  The past few years have been more about bag and dress making and I miss quilts!

Quilt alongs on IG have sucked me in: I joined the Snail-Along hosted by +Angie Wilson (GnomeAngel) and already have a scrappy Swoon quilt for the current #Swoonalong hosted by Camille Rosskelley @thimbleblossoms.  

For the snails, I started out really scrappy but I wasn't in love with doing 42 of these blocks:

I've since changed my project fabrics to an assortment of solids and Lotus Pond fabrics:

Here's my Swoon top.  I know I want to add to it.  I'm thinking eight 18" swoon blocks to add as top and bottom borders.....  It will be a little while before I get back to it though:

I'm returning from an old WIP (2014) and "forcing" myself to make two blocks a day of these 9" church dash blocks.  Now that I have at least 28 of these completed, the project is looking much more appealing.

I attended a FRMQG  meeting with a lesson on curved piecing and was provided these sample block pieces to make a flowering snowball block.  I'm not sure what I will do with this orphan block but the process gave me confidence in making this quilt someday.

I just took my machine in for cleaning and wow (!) what a difference.  Apparently my use of adhesives (spray baste, washable tape) have really been doing a number on it and hair was jamming up my foot pedal!  Yuck!  It's working so well now and I'm loving it.  A guild retreat is coming up in less than two weeks and I really can't wait.  I need a break and I am really looking forward to just sewing for a few days without interruption.