Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Fall Finishes that weren't for the Craft Fairs

During my hectic craft fair preparation, I made a commitment not to work on craft fair stuff on Sundays.  My religious faith places great emphasis on not "working" on Sundays (when possible, we all know there are many professions that need to be available 24/7) and reserving that day for worship, service, rest, and family time.  I'll admit it was tempting to break that commitment because I felt so overwhelmed and like I had so much to do... but it was important that I took a break.  Most of the time, I didn't sew at all on Sundays but I made one exception when I decided to make the baby's Halloween Trick or Treat bag:

Man my bag making skills have really improved since I made the first Trick or Treat bag about six years ago ;)

And just after the craft fairs finished, I wanted to challenge my brain after so much monotonous sewing and make something a bit challenging for me: a knit dress in a pattern I never tried before.  I made the Me Hearties dress by Patterns for Pirates in a 5T out of "Cattitude" in plum by Lizzy House.

This dress was surprisingly easy and Charlotte adores it!  She has been wearing it every chance she gets.

She has a thing for this print by Lizzy House.  I made the Oliver and S Rollerskate dress out of the same print in quilting cotton about two years ago and she LOVED it.  It now fits her like a tunic and it's still cute.  It's so fun that Andover fabrics re-released this print on knit.

Aahh... this post makes my heart happy.  I really do sew for the love and joy of it....  I don't know if I could ever only focus on making things to sell...........


Rosa said...

Great pics.charlotte is adorable and the dress fit her perfect.

Kathy@KayakQuilting said...

Do what makes you happy!! Dress is adorable too!