Friday, October 14, 2016

Scrap Tuesday: Craft Fair Scrappiness

I appreciate everyone's kind feedback to my last post. I've really dived into making items for an upcoming craft fair and I wanted to link up to Scraptastic Tuesday to share my makes, as almost everything, so far, has been made with lots of scraps.

Last night, I made these patchwork tea towels with blue/navy and white scraps.  The stash fabric I added was a bit of the Cotton and Steel silverware print.  I bought these flour sack towels off of Amazon and I have to say they are really wonky and their shape is very uneven.  I hope I can still sell them despite the crookedness.

Anyway, this is a quick project and perfect for scraps:

Here's my stack of 25 reversible patchwork bibs: these are such a satisfying make.  I spot scraps from many previous projects in here, e.g. Dotty Dresden quilt, To Kill a Mockingbird apron for book club, binding on my Lizzy House rainbow quilt, etc.  It's so fun to revisit those tangible "memories" of previous projects.

Whenever I need a little mental break, I've been making a few tissue cozies.  These are so fast and simple.  I don't expect them to be real show-stoppers at the sale but I've been told that having lots of low-price/impulse items are good for craft fairs.

I will admit that using scraps so much has proved to be a time suck as well as a time saver- it depends what I'm making.  Making the flour sack tea towels from scraps was easy: just pulling out blue and white scraps from a bin was better than selecting lots of prints from my stash and cutting random strips off of yardage.  The tissue cozies are a little trickier: finding two coordinating fabrics in the right sizes to pair together has often proven time consuming.  I think I may go a different route with those from now on.

Linking up at Scraptastic Tuesday.  Thanks for reading.


Nicky said...

Good luck ! Hope you sell everything and make good money. Your items all look lovely and using scraps is like free fabric right? Thanks for linking up to #scraptastictuesday

Chantal said...

I am working on craft sale items too. They are easy and fun to make but there's always the nagging part of "will they sell?" in the back of my mind too. Good luck with yours. ;^)

Sarah Fredette said...

Flour sack towels are always wonky, so I wouldn't worry about it. Maybe you can set aside a chunk of time to sort your scraps by size? Put everything big enough for a tissue cozy in one stack, everything big enough for a bib in another, etc. Then when you have time to sew, you can go through a smaller stack and just look for coordinating?

These all look great!

Hema Elumalai said...

These are lovely. I absolutely love the tea towel and the bibs are gorgeous! Good luck with the craft fair!