Monday, April 25, 2016

WIP Update

I finished the 80th and final fox block last week.  Happy day!  

Now I am sewing them all together in columns.  I think today I will be able to start inserting the sashing, I hope I will have a completed top to share by the end of the week.  I am enjoying seeing this come together.

My interest in sewing clothes for myself is increasing and I want to start by making a simple knit t-shirt.  I decided to work my way up to that somewhat scary goal by making a knit dress for Charlotte with knit purchased from Joanns:

I actually really like this print and the quality seems decent, it just seemed like a good idea to use materials that are locally available and affordable to try something new before I dig more into my *very* small designer knit stash that I purchased around the holidays.

So this dress really was an easy sew but I made it very hard on myself when I didn't carefully and correctly transfer the dots on the patterns that were meant to aid the placement of the interior pockets.  It was hours of seam ripping folks.  Besides that idiotic mistake, sewing this dress was a pleasant experience.  Unfortunately, the dress is way too big as a 5T on my daughter: a risk I knew I was taking but I didn't want to invest in the smaller size range of the pattern yet.  When Charlotte grows more, I will post a picture of her wearing this.  Right now it just looks like a too-long nightgown.

After the dress was made, there was exactly enough material to eke out a pair of leggings.  Charlotte loves this outfit, as you can probably tell from this picture.  She's also getting a kick out of seeing herself in the mirror.  She cracks me up.

So I am getting closer to bravely cutting up this Lizzy House Catnap knit to make myself a shirt. (I love this print so hard!  I hope I can score some on sale soon to make Charlotte at least a pair of leggings.) This is the pattern I have but I am not sure if I'm convinced it's the best pattern for how I want my shirt to look.  I am considering the Grainline Studio Lark Tee and the Liesl and Co Metro T patterns as well.  Do you have any suggestions?

On a personal note: this little guy just passed his 11 month mark, we're only a few weeks away from his first birthday.  He is a good sleeper and eater (thanks to 8 teeth!) and is getting into everything.  Our family is just one month away from our family vacation in New England.  My husband and I are going to celebrate our ten year anniversary and he'll have to return to Colorado (after two weeks) while we spend eight more weeks with my parents in New Hampshire.  I am excited and nervous all at the same time.  Right now, I feel like my to-do list is just growing and so I guess I need to end this blog post and get to work.

Thanks for reading!


Kathy@KayakQuilting said...

OK, so I love everything about this post! Love all those fox blocks! (Sounds like a quote from a Dr. Suess book!). That picture of Charlotte with the out Mom! She has style!!! And your little guy is so sweet! Isn't it amazing how quickly our little ones grow? I spent the day today looking at wedding venues for one of my "little" guys who just got engaged! Yikes! When did that happen! And I am so happy that you will be coming back to New England for what sounds like a wonderful visit!

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