Tuesday, December 02, 2014

When Hoarding Pays Off

We hosted Thanksgiving with my sister, Nick's brother Ben,  his wife Melanie, and their four year-old son Rivers.  For my little family, it was our first time being away from any parents for the holiday.  We dove in head first, making everything from scratch.  Luckily Ben was excited to do the turkey- I will admit that was a very intimidating task and I was happy to let him do it.  The whole meal was delicious and we had lots of fun together.

Just before they came from Denver, I told Melanie to bring a pillow she'd bought on Etsy ages ago.  I wanted to make her another pillow to coordinate with it.  This is her pillow:

And this is the pillow I made to go with it:

On Thursday morning, most everyone went on a little hike nearby.  I opted to stay home and make the pillow, finishing it just as they got home.  I really had a good laugh that I had everything I needed on hand: the out of print, very hard to find fabrics, a coordinating zipper at just the right length, and even some random (yard sale find) textured fabric that helped break up all of the busy prints.  It was an easy project and Melanie was pretty happy with it.  She helped me out by taking nice pictures of what I had made, the photo below is a quick iPhone picture, showing them stacked together.

Over the holiday weekend, I made another pillow for the upcoming Sew Mama Sew Giveaway day.  I will share it on December 8 along with hundreds of other bloggers giving away goodies.

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Sarah Fredette said...

I always like to think of my stash as an investment in the future... :D The pillow turned out super cute! And I'm glad you had a good holiday in your new home. :D