Friday, November 14, 2014

Purse Palooza 2014: My Own Design

The tedious task of paper piecing sixty 1"x2" flying geese has paid off:

I have always had a goal to create my own purse design, I have sewn so many and I thought it would be fun to incorporate the many bag making techniques I have learned over the years.  I also used knowledge from quilt and clothing making too.  It was quite the learning process to figure out appropriate measurements and the best methods and order to proceed with every aspect of the bag.  This experience has definitely given me a new appreciation for all of the many talented pattern writers out there.

The bag measurements are approximately 13" x 15."  It features an interior zippered pocket, a recessed zipper closure, leather handles, and some fun fabrics from Cotton and Steel, Anna Maria Horner, and Juliana Horner.  It has some of the strongest interfacing attached to the exterior pieces but it's not a super sturdy bag that is really rigid- I think I hit that balance just right.

It was tough to get a good picture of the interior, I will try again tomorrow during daylight hours:

As part of sharing this process, I must confess that two days ago, the bag was a bit of a disaster for me.  What I had begun to create was a boxy tote bag (see picture below).  This was not my original intention and I felt that it didn't match the style I was aiming for.  I spent a good hour seam ripping it apart- I honestly didn't abandon it altogether only because those dang flying geese represented too many hours of precious sewing time!  I didn't want to let them to go to waste.

I am happy I persisted and created something much more to my liking:

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Sheri said...

Your design is very attractive and looks well constructed! I empathize with your picking out session-- (been there many times) but it was all worth it in the end! I want to make a bag and did one last year that I wasn't completely satisfied with so have collecting ideas and trying to figure out just how I want to do it.

Melissa said...

Your design is just lovely! I have a soft spot in my heart for flying geese!

MalinisQuilts said...

This is super cute! Love those tiny flying geese!

MalinisQuilts said...

You're design is just awesome. I agree pattern writing does take lot of thought put into it.

Danette said...

Loving this purse. I'll give you credit for creating your own design. I haven't gotten to that point yet, I just follow patterns. Also, the flying geese are a favorite of mine. Terrific bag!