Friday, October 10, 2014

Red Letter Day Halloween Quilt

I was amazed to be able to complete my Red Letter Day Halloween quilt in time for the Halloween/fall season.  I really rushed to get this done because I had the opportunity to rent a longarm a few weekends ago.  

I used combinations of Halloween novelty prints from my stash as well as blenders.  It was really tempting to use just Halloween prints- if only to use them up- but I decided the combination of normal quilting cottons were fun to use among the quirky pumpkins, ghosts, and cats.

I wasn't very creative in finding a spooky location for the photo shoot of this quilt.  My area of Colorado definitely doesn't have those old-timey graveyards like my New England home.  We took the family to the Garden of the Gods recently- so I nabbed a photo there before the sun really started to set:

So I wish I could say that I purposely left out the reversed RLD block that the pattern calls for (examples, here, here, and here)- I had this grand vision of hand quilted spiders from the beginning....  Um, no.  The truth is that I started making the blocks and completely forgot about the reversed block- and didn't think of it until all nine blocks were made.  After the quilt came off of the longarm- the lady at the rental place advised me to quilt something in those big empty squares- so that's when I realized hand quilted spiders would be perfect among the computerized spiderwebs that occupied each block:

Sadly, the intended recipient of this quilt (my 5 year old son) has completely rejected this quilt and refuses to use it- he's being very vague about it but I think it's the spiders that bother him.  My husband also had to point out that the spiders should have eight legs.  Did you notice?

I sound negative about this quilt- but I am really fine with it- it's not my most favorite thing I've ever made but like it and I had fun making it.  I still have a boatload of Halloween fabrics- so maybe I will take another shot at making another Halloween quilt again someday.

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Kathy@KayakQuilting said...

Stepping back it just looks like great color combinations but I see the fun Halloween prints too! I love this pattern and with some of the darker prints the "missing" reversed block isn't noticeable (but who would?). The spiders are adorable! Such an interesting reaction from your son! Kids are great!

Vera said...

Great quilt and fun quilting. I also love your pic. There is just something so nice about red rocks :)

Anonymous said...

I love the six legged hand stitched spiders. They are perfect. Hope your son warms up to it later on. It is very cute.

Daytona Damsel said...

Such a cute quilt. I just bought spider patterned fabric for a Halloween table runner. Never thought about them scaring children but it makes since.

Christy said...

I love how this quilt turned out! The color and fabric combinations you used are very striking!