Wednesday, September 17, 2014

WIP Wednesday: Red Letter Day Halloween Blocks

Thanks to everyone who chimed in about my first RLD block disaster.  It was helpful to have friends pinpoint what went wrong with it and what to avoid.  Thank you!  I decided to throw that crazy block into the scrap pile and I am not looking back.

In only one week, I have managed to make all nine blocks.  I have pulled some late nights recently to get these all done, as an opportunity to rent a longarm has come up for this weekend.  Here's a (poor) picture of eight of them together on my design wall:

This one is my favorite:

These cats kill me (an old Alexander Henry print):

I am making this post brief today- my parents are flying into Denver as I write this and there is a lot to do in preparation for their visit.  I am so excited!  Linking up with WIP Wednesday.


molly b quilts said...

Wow, you are awesome! What a ton of work for an amazing quilt dedicated just to Halloween. Very cool!

MalinisQuilts said...

This is just looking awesome! Amazing work!

maggieinthemountains said...


nettie said...

what a great idea! Love this.