Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Muppet Alphabet Cross-Stitch

My sister has been living with us this summer and it has been awesome.  She usually spends the summer with us but this time we really had her around 24/7 and the kids and I have loved it.  At night, after the kids are in bed, we have worked on our cross-stitch projects while we watch Prison Break on Netflix.  I am working on Once Upon a Time, and she has been doing this epic Muppet Alphabet pattern.  

 We love the Muppets in this family!  I have always been a big fan - the first time I went to Disneyworld, I probably went to the Muppet 3-D theater over a dozen times.  The movies are fun for all ages and quite timeless.  If I had to choose a favorite character, I would probably pick Fozzie.

I can't wait to get this framed- it's too precious to make it into a pillow.  I wish custom framing weren't so darn expensive!

I feel a little smug that I really got my sister addicted to an aspect of sewing- it's been perfect for her with some of the health problems she's struggled with!  Now she's back to working on a crazy-complicated depiction of the cover art of The Deathly Hallows book.

Thanks for reading!  More to share tomorrow.


Sarah Fredette said...

If its a close to standard size, you can just have it mounted, then put it in the frame yourself. It's usually cheaper that way. And I've heard of people mounting it themselves too. If I can find the links, I'll email them. But you're right, that is faaaar too adorable to not be framed.

Amy said...

This is the coolest cross stitch ever. Love it!

Kathy@KayakQuilting said...

What a wonderful way to spend sister time together! Love her project (and the Muppets!).

SuperMomNoCape said...

I love your muppet cross-stitch. Fozzie is my favorite too!

MalinisQuilts said...

This is just wonderful! How nice to shared the love of sewing/cross-stitching with sister.

You both are rocking it. These are really adorable.
I know that bits n pieces do custom framing. I can check the prices if you want.