Wednesday, April 23, 2014

WIP Wednesday: Jacob's Ladder and Cross-Stitch

I am starting work on a Jacob's Ladder quilt, following this tutorial from Blue Elephant Stitches.  It is a project I began, rather weakly, in February, and now I am ready to return to it.  I went to a FRMQG meeting on Saturday and stayed after the sew-in.  I was pretty productive in being able to cut and pair all of the Thangles I needed as well as lots of skinny strips for the 9 patches:

I am also dying to start the FPS pattern, Once Upon a Time (OUAT) sampler, I am just waiting for 2 skeins of the border/outline floss from an online order to arrive in the mail.

At the FRMQG meeting, there was a great presentation on quilt photography.  It was inspiring and I had to try the idea of using foam-core posterboard to create a white background for craft pictures.  This is a picture of the OUAT supplies I gathered:

Not bad, right?  I am also intrigued to try this "free course" about shooting in manual mode with a DSLR.  I will let you know how it goes.

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Sarah Fredette said...

That's a great tip about the posterboard. I'll have to give it a try and see if it makes my bad iphone pics any better. :D

Yvonne @ Quilting Jetgirl said...

Lovely colors for the Jacob's Ladder quilt! I was just talking with my husband about taking better images this morning; thanks for the link to the course, I will be checking it out!

MalinisQuilts said...

These look lovely! Can't wait!