Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Bow Pillow Tutorial

the bow pillow tutorial / ann kelle

Hi friends!  My bow pillow tutorial is finally here.  Working on this amidst a cross-country move made me question my sanity more than once but it all came together eventually.  I am grateful Kelle had lots of patience with me!  I am also especially grateful to my friend Annee, whose blog post here, started it all. I did mine a little differently and she gave me her blessing to pitch this to Kelle. (Don't ask me how I feel about meeting a new friend who I have tons in common with, only to move a few months later!  BUT- she owns a home in CO Springs and the rumor is that she will be here in a few years!!) 

I am also grateful to my pattern testers; Sarah (who didn't email a picutre), Tina, and Rachel.  Here are their versions:

Here is Tina's version:

Here's Rachel's version:

And here's one of the three that I made for Kelle:

Check out the pillow tutorial here (where her pictures are much better!!) and please let me know if you decide to make one!

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MalinisQuilts said...

Oh these pillows are so darn cute! Can I say that?

I love all three versions, I know my daughter will go nuts on the unicorn version though. Both Tina and Rachael too did an amazing job. I am sure I will make one in future!

Kathy@KayakQuilting said...

Thank you Laurie! Love these pillows!

Jen and Joe. said...

Sometimes (okay, all the time) I feel super excited because you're famous AND my friend.


Cambridge Modern Quilt Guild said...

I love the fluffiness of the bow. Makes me want to unwrap it!

sarah elizabeth :: {no} hats said...

Sooo THIS is adorable, and I'm totally going to make one when we redo my daughter's room :)

Tina in Boston said...

Hi Laurie! I didn't expect to see my pillow on your blog but thanks for the shout out! The pillow is so darn cute and I really love the bow. I am hoping I can whip up a quick one this weekend.