Monday, March 17, 2014

Zip-Pouch Palooza

The Front Range Modern Guild hosted a simple zip pouch swap: make one to share and you come home with one made by another guild member.  I dug into my Liberty Lifestyle scraps and my "Perfect Zip Bags" pattern and made this:

Since two is almost always better than one, I made myself another:

The neutral fabrics were scraps from previous projects and I already had the zippers on hand.  It's so satisfying to complete a nice project without a trip to the store!

This is the pouch I came home with from the guild meeting.  It's by Marti (I had to do a little internet sleuthing to confirm this, as she didn't include a note and wasn't at the meeting).  Isn't it darling?!  I love the zipper pull.

Since I had enjoyed making the zip pouches, I decided to make a quilted scrappy box bag, via this tutorial, by Pink Stitches for my sister's birthday. This little pouch kicked my butt and I blame only myself.  Before I started QAYG on the scrappy panel, I put decor bond interfacing on the back of the piece of batting- I always love lots of structure but this made the whole project way too stiff.  I also had difficulty with the "sports" zipper - it's just that those wimpy polyester zippers make me nervous.

Lesson learned: do a tutorial exactly as prescribed at least once before you opt to make changes.

 Thanks for reading!!!  I can't wait to share my sewing adventures from this past weekend!  Stay tuned.


MalinisQuilts said...

Lovely zipper pouches.
Sorry to hear about bump-in-sewing with your boxy zipper. But it looks awesome.

I need one to carry in my bike. Only if we ever see Spring in New England.

Melissa said...

I LOVE the bag you made, and also the one you got!! I wish we had all been told to put our names in the pouches -- I brought two, and got two that came without names, and I'm stumped! :( C'est la vie.
But my daughter decided SHE needed a mama-made pouch (the one she got at the swap wasn't good enough?), so now I have something ELSE on my list! :) Ah, well. They're not too time consuming, at least. :)