Wednesday, March 19, 2014

WIP Wednesday: Sewing Weekend Fun

This past weekend all of my dreams came true.  My sister came to the Springs from Ft. Collins and brought her friend Cassie.  Cassie is a talented quilter and seamstress.  She's working on her PhD, so she doesn't have a lot of time for her hobbies but she has spring break this week and came for the weekend with sewing supplies and her machine.  We hit it off and stayed up till two a.m. Fri-Sun.  

This picture is taken at the Garden of the Gods, we had to take Cassie there since she'd never been:  (my sister Emily is on the left, Cassie is in the center, and that's me on the right):


Cassie liked the zip pouches I had made the previous week and I gave her reign over my scraps to make one for herself and Emily.

On Friday night, I decided to tackle the Oliver and S Roller Skate dress:

I didn't hardly have any trouble making this.  It was one of the easiest articles of clothing I have ever made.

Charlotte wore it to church on Sunday and she loved it.  When we had her try it on, she was running around saying, "I wearing shoes fabric!"

On Saturday night, I decided to make another and dug out one of Charlotte's favorite fabrics.  I think it's called the Ugly Duckling by Lizzy House.

This one went more quickly than the first.  It ended up being a rough night though because after going to bed at two a.m., I took my sister to the ER at five a.m. for a horrible headache.  She's had health problems for a while now but received a treatment that night that helped considerably.  Here's hoping that things really improve!

I had such a ball all weekend, being holed up in my sewing room with Cassie and my sister (who was our convalescing cheerleader).  On Sunday night, I decided to cut and prepare more Roller Skate dresses (the idea is to try making a few assembly line style) and will hopefully have those to share soon.  I also returned to my Penny Sampler quilt and finally did task of beginning the small four patch units:

As I am sure my readers would agree, sewing with good company is the best- it's especially helpful for completing tedious tasks that you've been putting off, getting advice and help, and just reveling in your shared interests.  It was such a treat to use my sewing room in that way - I could actually host! - instead of being the benefactor of someone else's sewing space.  It was also a much needed boost, as I will admit I have been a little homesick and missing good friends in Massachusetts lately.

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Sarah Fredette said...

You had your own little sewing retreat!!! And you were sorely missed at ours. I finished my Penny Patch quilt top (it's not for the faint of heart, or easily bored), I'll have pictures of it up soon. I'm looking forward to seeing yours - and Charlotte looks adorable in her shoe fabric. :D

Kathy@KayakQuilting said...

What a fun weekend (even with your sisters health issues)! Charlotte us just adorable! Love your Penny Patch fabrics too!

Samantha said...

Hope your sister has some health resolution soon! Those dresses- and Charlotte- are adorable!

MalinisQuilts said...

Is that always great to get together with sister. I hope your sister is feeling better.

Oh my, those dresses so cute. Your Charlotte is such a doll!

Love those pile for assembly line sewing.

Renee said...

What fun!! And you made so many pretty things!

Melissa said...

I love Charlotte, and I've never met her!! I'm glad Cassie and Emily could come down, and glad Cassie had fun sewing the weekend away with you. :-). Yes, it IS loads of fun to host -- especially when you have a fab sewing room! Sorry Emily had a rough night, bug hopefully she can get it all figured out soon. :-)

Stephanie said...

Those dresses are just too sweet! Glad that you had your own mini retreat! :)