Tuesday, December 03, 2013

QAYG, Knight Pillow, City Sampler 82-84

I decided to try QAYG (Quilt As You Go) finally- I missed that train when it was really popular sometime in 2010 I think.  Everyone was doing QAYG blocks but I haven't seen a lot of completed quilts via that technique.  I understand why- it's very time consuming.  That is why I am just trying it out to make a tote bag, per this tutorial.  

This was what I completed yesterday afternoon:

But this picture is more fun (I cannot claim credit for Charlotte's Hasselhoff look- she did it herself):

It's that time of year again: my sister is coming home for Christmas and I need to make use of the cute cross-stitch pieces she has made for my kids.  Gregory has been obsessed with knights and pirates lately and my sister whipped this up for him over the summer.  I made it into a simple quilted pillow with a zipper back using stash fabrics:

City Sampler blocks 82-84, I finally let myself use a lot of blue:




We decorated for Christmas recently and I am loving all of the handmade Christmas items I have to celebrate the season.   All of the handmade ornaments are especially nice, as they remind me of kind friends who did an ornament swap with me last year. Gregory is loving the advent calendar: I decided to have a simple activity with occasional treats and toys throughout the month and he is now waking me up every morning, begging to open the next pocket.

We got rid of our larger artificial tree last year because we thought we'd be moved by now, so we borrowed a tiny one from my parents.  It's so cute and small and really suits are small apartment quite nicely.  Next year we hope to be celebrating the holidays in a house and we'll go ahread and "splurge" on a real tree.... fingers crossed!

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alidiza said...

That's so cute!!! And the bag is going to be awesome also;-) Love all your homemade holiday decorations... hope you're having a wonderful holiday season!