Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Handmade Gifting

Last year I don't think I made any handmade gifts because Charlotte was still so young - only 10 months or so and Gregory was barely three.  I had my hands full.  This year, I have a whole new motivation to crank out the handmade gifts- there's a little bit of pressure (i.e. looming deadline....) but I am enjoying it.

A few weeks ago, I had a Saturday with two holiday parties that included a gift exchange.  On the Friday night before, I made these two bow pillows.  I was inspired by my friend Annee's blog post here.  I did my pillows a bit differently than hers and will be sharing a tutorial soon.  The pillows were well received and it was a fun day visiting with friends from BMQG and my church.

I came home with these goodies from the parties: an adorable zip pouch and some pretty  fabric.

Later, I made another bow pillow for a friend who's moving, using some of my Jingle leftovers:

 Now I am on to doing lots of zip pouches, using this pattern by Elizabeth Hartman.  By using some double sided washable tape and this ingenious pattern, these are coming out awesome every time.  I had been so intimidated to do these and now I am laughing at myself for being so scared to try it out.

 It's also been a great way to use up some of those Moda 2.5" charm packs that I still have after attending quilt market in 2011.

My daughter is loving all the bags I have been making and deserves to have one of her own.  My sister did the Elmo cross stitch and I made it into a bag.  I regret that I didn't make the handles thinner but I don't think my baby will care.

Even though I have been quite ambitious with gift sewing, I decided to give myself a break and not go crazy for my son's love of pirates.  I considered making this doll, but abandoned the idea when I saw I could buy a cute pirate doll for about $2 more than the cost of the pattern alone.  I also considered making a pirate themed quilt but quickly realized that he would love a pillowcase just as much, if not more.

I still have lots I want to sew up in time for Christmas but the end is in sight.  Linking up with WIP Wednesday:


Tina in Boston said...

Wow you have been busy! Nice gifts! I hope I can make some Christmas gifts :). Thanks for sharing the links to the pillow tutorial!

Vera said...

All of your projects are really lovely. Well done!

Amy said...

I love the pillows and the zipper pouches.Thank you for the link to your friends post. I may have to make some for birthdays next year since I am finally done with this years Christmas gifts.

Jen said...

Wow, you're on a roll. I like the way you used those mini charm packs. I have a ton of them - maybe I should try to make a few of these pouches.

Sarah Fredette said...

Stop being so productive -- you're making me feel lazy. :D

Those pouches are amazing looking! And I'm anxiously awaiting the pillow tutorial

Jess Pugh said...

Beautiful projects!

Jenny said...

Looks like your gift-making is going splendidly this year! Love those bow pillows. If I had seen them sooner, they would have been added to my holiday sewing list too!
Also, love the tagline under your header. LOL!

Sara said...

What cute,cute pillows!

Elmo is handsome;)

Liane said...

Love the last pirate print - I just made a journal cover for our beloved babysitter with a similar print - the kids are throwing paper airplanes, though. Looks like you've got gift giving under control! Bravo!

Stephanie said...

Such great projects - all of them look fabulous but I love those bow pillows the best! I l love the feeling of accomplishment that comes with small projects too - not that you seem to have a problem cranking out the big stuff too! ;)

MalinisQuilts said...

Great projects again! My son spotted the elmo and was like can you scroll up. Pillows are still my favorite!