Friday, November 08, 2013

WIP: Sunburst Sling

I am gathering the courage to make a bag for myself.  The bag I have been using only has a button closure and my phone fell out of it at the library this week - luckily someone turned the phone in - but I have got to do something different.  I also want something that is just for me- not a diaper bag.  I received the Sunburst Sling pattern for my birthday a while ago and I am using some black Essex, my favorite Bloomsbury Gardens fabrics, and some pieces of a whole cloth quilt I bought at a yard sale.  I also received some great advice from my friend Shannon about bag making.  Shannon is a master bag/purse maker in my book, when she was carrying this purse at a church event a few years ago - I had to talk to her and compliment on the absolute gorgeousness of it!  She gave me some great ideas on how to add a lot of structure to any bag- I went ahead and purchased some binder clips, jeans needles, canvas, and two types of interfacing.  I am going to attempt a zipper too - a lot of this is new territory for me.  Wish me luck!

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