Thursday, October 03, 2013

Preparing to Move

A while ago, I mentioned that our family has been trying to move to Colorado.  About six weeks ago, my husband received an offer to do contracting for the Space and Missile Command at Peterson AFB in Colorado Springs.  Nick told them that he could be there as soon as October 20.  Panic and excitement consumed us: our goal was finally being realized but there is so much to do to prepare.  I reluctantly started the difficult task of telling friends we'd probably be gone by Halloween. 
Nick still has the offer but the process has been significantly delayed due to lots of burecratic red tape, not to mention the current governmental shut-down.  It's frustrating but since I love New England and my family and friends here, I haven't been too upset by the multiple delays.  We've recently been able to attend some local and county fairs with the kids and we've had a wonderful time- these events represent the best that New England has to offer.



With a major cross-country move on the horizon, I am approaching my sewing with a different perspective.  I would like to finish up UFO's and WIP's.  I am evaluating bulky sewing and craft projects that I've had set aside and I am going to make myself either do them or get rid of them (I am looking at you, thread wreath!).  I am destashing on etsy.  I want to do one more big quilt at Laurena's and instead of starting a new project, I think I may actually get ahead of schedule on the City Sampler QAL

I recently decided to squeeze in one more little project amidst this preparing-to-move stuff.  I am joining up with Better Off Thread and Mellie Mae Quilting to participate in the Countdown to Christmas QAL.  I am joining a little late, but I am only a few weeks behind their schedule.  I recently did this fabric pull for my advent calendar.  If anyone would like to swap some christmas charm squares - I would love to add to this little collection.  

Thanks for reading!  I will post again soon, I have two finished quilts to show you now - just need to get the difficult task of getting them photographed.


Sarah Fredette said...

:( I'll be sad to see you leave.

On a happier note, I have loooots of christmas fabrics, I'll pull the together tonight and send you a picture. Then, any you want, I'll cut out charms for you.

Unknown said...

YAY! I am so glad to hear that it's finally happening. I know you have been waiting and working on getting out there for a long time. I'm so excited for you!

Stephanie said...

Oh Laurie, you will very missed up here but I'm so glad that this opportunity has come for your family! At least I'll still be able to keep up with your crafty pursuits through the blog :)