Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Lighthouse Pillows

I made these lighthouse pillows about a month ago when I needed a break from larger projects.  I couldn't blog them until now because I wanted to give them to my mom for her birthday.  It took her a year or two but she's finally started reading my blog (you know your blog must be boring if even your own mother won't read it-haha!).  

The easiest thing about these pillows is that I didn't do the lighthouse cross-stitch myself.  I found them in a shoebox of vintage fabric that I had purchased at a yard sale.  I almost tossed them but eventually I remembered that my parents have a mild lighthouse theme in their house (yes, it's very "New England") and they have a dearth of couch pillows.

I used stash fabrics to make these - most of it being beachy fabrics designed by Tula Pink.

The person who sewed these cross-stitch pieces labeled them with locations in North Carolina but I unpicked it all out.

It felt so good to finally use some of this "junk" that I apparently find irresistible at yard sales.  Thanks for reading!


alidiza said...

I love how you can turn "junk" into something fabulous:-) You know how I love those Tula Pink prints!!! I'm sure they will be well loved!

Unknown said...

I've been reading, and loving, your blog for longer than you think. Keep it up, and especially love the pics with the grandkids in them. - MOM