Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Lots of Hand Sewing Projects

Both of my kids are sleeping right now.  It is almost paralyzing to choose the best way to spend this rare time.  I do enjoy blogging, so here it goes:
A little while ago, I blogged about this cute plaid dress that I bought for Charlotte with the intention of eventually cutting it up to make a birth announcement quilt.  I have also been asked to submit a quilt (or quilts) to the Manchester quilt show, A Quilter's Gathering, for their special exhibit on the theme of  "celebrations."  I am hoping to finish Charlotte's quilt in time for the show.
I chose fabrics from my stash to match the dress:

I tried to find pieces that weren't totally monochromatic - such is the case for so much of my stash. I do have to say that I am a little surprised that I went with such a pastel palette - I prefer brights in general - but this works for a baby themed quilt, no?

I chickened out, a little, when it came to cutting up the dress.  So far, I have only cut up the bloomers.  I keep trying to tell myself that fall is coming and she won't be wearing such a "springy" dress anytime soon.  But baby clothes are just so precious and it's hard to put the scissors to them! 
I am nearly done with this long-standing WIP.  I am doing some simple pearl cotton quilting around each hexie flower.  I have loved this!  It's so therapeutic and looks SO much better than the free-motion wack-job I attempted on my home machine (remember I mentioned that I did 2 hours of seam-ripping at LQF?).......

I also did more hand sewing when I attached the binding to my Feathers baby quilt.  I will do a grand reveal on Friday.

Thanks for reading!


QuarterMileQuilts said...

Loving all those hexies! Your stitching is beautiful!

And yes, I would be so cautious is cutting up that adorable dress. So many memories attached to it, but its going into something you can treasure always! - Kate

alidiza said...

Love the hexies!!! Charlotte's quilt is going to be adorable:-) I love it when the planets align and the kids are on the same schedule... so rare for me these days.

Kathy@KayakQuilting said...

Congrats on the sleeping/sewing time! Charlotte is adorable! I completely understand the angst about cutting up her dress! I am hesitating about carving up some of my sons favorite childhood t-shirts for a quilt!