Friday, July 05, 2013

Fabric Friday: Liberty and Quilt Backings

I hope my stateside readers had a great 4th of July.  I have a mean sunburn after yesterday's festivities.  I made sure to douse my kids in sunscreen but forgot to do my own! 
In the spirit of "liberty" - how about a little Bloomsbury Gardens eye candy for today's post?  My sister is visiting from Colorado and brought back these goodies for me.  They were only $7 per yard from one of my most favorite (albeit distant!) fabric stores: Fancy Tiger in Denver.  Access to such awesome, affordable fabric is good enough reason to move across the country, no?

I also have quilt backings on my mind.  I finally had an excuse to buy a bunch of one of my most favorite Amy Butler fabrics: Mosaic in River from the Daisy Chain collection.  I got 4.5 yards on etsy for $5 per yard from an etsy seller.  I always find myself buying large scale designer prints for quilt backings instead of using solids or piecing chunks of fabric together that are leftovers from piecing the quilt top.  Why I do this:
  • I prefer the look of a print on the back to a solid and usually find that I can purchase a print on clearance for far cheaper than buying yardage of a solid.  I keep my eye out for steals as well as other sales and generally aim to spend no more than $5.50 per yard.  Kona is 5.49 per yard at the most affordable site that I know of- so if I can do better than that, I do!
  • I think pieced quilt backs look awesome - but usually by the time that I get to the part of making the back - I just want to be done.  Additionally, I usually like the fabrics I have used for the front and I don't want to use them all up by putting them on the back.

I would love to hear the strategies my readers have for quilt backings.  Thanks for reading.


MalinisQuilts said...

I resonate the same feeling. I love the pieced quilt backs and have great plans while working on the quilt top. By the end, sometimes I change my mind and end up with just pieced printed back if I have enough fabric.

Good luck with your backs!

Sharon J. Hughson said...

I just finished a quilt for my 76 y.o. sister. I pieced the back with fabrics of her favorite things like beach scenes and sewing tool fabrics. She will love it when I deliver it on Fri. It may be our last visit.