Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Quilts for Boston

A few weeks ago I asked my husband to please take our kids to Scouts so I could attend a Quilts for Boston sew-in.  The sew-ins are on Wednesday nights and he always has Scout commitments on those evenings but I felt so eager to help out at least once and take some things home with me.  Natalie has received over 1800 blocks and there is A LOT of work to do!
Once I got to Quilter's Way- I was told to just sew away and that's what I did.  It wasn't the largest space and there were a lot of people -so I put together the top pictured below in a very improvisational way.  If the sides matched as the same measurment- I sewed them together and I trimmed when it wouldn't effect the design of the block too much:
I was able to grab a bunch of blocks to bring home with me and I enjoyed putting together this top at home recently.  I added sashing to make the quilt larger and help with any trimming issues.  Aren't these blocks so wonderful?  Of course I had to grab the dresden plate.  I have a new favorite everytime I look at this.

I had to fight Alice to take some quilted tops home to bind.  I have not quilted a quilt in a while and I actually miss doing bindings!  It's so relaxing - especially when you get to the hand sewing part.  When my husband gets home from work- I will have him hold these up and I will add pictures to the flickr group

Now this is on my design wall and I am busy trimming and adding to- to put these together.  Everyone's 12.5" is often a little different but it's really not been that bad and I just love the look of all these different styles and fabrics jumbled together.

It's been quiet lately because I caught a nasty summer cold but I am finally feeling better.  Thanks for reading!


Tina in Boston said...

Nice job on those quilts!

Erin M. said...

Looks like you've been really productive. Thanks for doing the finishing part of the work we can't from so far away.

Nilya said...

This is so nice of you. Fantastic quilt for a very good reason!!!

Jen said...

I love seeing everything come together. It's amazing how much we've been able to get done in such a short period of time.

MalinisQuilts said...

Your doing awesome progress! Love the quilt top and one in progress!

Laura C @ littleandlots said...

I love looking at all of these finishes. I'm picking up a kit from Amy tomorrow--can't wait to help. You and Stephanie make it seem like there are plenty more kits coming! :)

Cindy said...

" Everyone's 12.5" is often a little different..."
That made me smile!
I sent in a couple blocks and I love seeing how all of the quilts are coming together!