Friday, June 21, 2013

Fabric Friday- Retrotastic!!!!

I found some awesome yard sale fabrics last Saturday. 
 Over one yard of this awesome mushroom fabric:

a huge piece of this sweet yellow flannel, I already have plans for this:

I need to make an item of clothing with these ladybugs for Charlotte asap!

 2 yards of a canvas material floral:

Finally, I got a lot of useful, more plain types of fabrics including lots of shirting (there's a quilt in an antique quilt book that I must make asap - if anyone has shirting that they want to trade with me - please let me know!), some quilted fabric that is great for lining bags, and muslin.  I also bought 4 brand new pillow forms.

It is actually kind of rare to stumble upon decent fabric and other sewing supplies at yard sales that I will actually use- so I was pretty pleased with my haul.

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