Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Strap Clutches x3


These are the small gifts I made for Rebecca, Alice, and Aimee.  They are called Strap Clutches and the pattern is available on michellepatterns.com.  I can't recommend that pattern line enough - the patterns are written so thoroughly and the author anticipates questions/concerns you might have as you go along.  Additionally, she provides great finishing details that help you have a very polished project in the end.  When she had all of her patterns on sale for $5 recently - I wanted to buy all of them!

This pouch was made for Alice - a lover of all things pink and green.

This one was made for Rebecca- she loves Joel Dewberry but he doesn't have any gray fabrics (that I know of).  So I went with another favorite of hers: gray.

Finally, this was made for Aimee.  It may be obvious that I made a bit of a mistake in orienting the velcro strap.  I realized this after I had taken the whole thing apart and sewn it back together due to another issue.  I agonzied about whether to do it all over again but I worried that even more seam ripping would stress the fabric too much and I honestly thought having the end of the strap concealed was a nice look. 

In this picture, you can see the lining fabrics that I chose.  Making the strap rectangle openings was intimidating for me - but it really wasn't that difficult.

It felt good to do this project during a crazy week last week when I couldn't quite pull myself away from the news (I like to be informed but sometimes it's too much!).  I know I wasn't the only guild member who sewed like a maniac last week - it can be such a great stress reliever.


Angie said...

Your clutches are wonderful. I love the fabric choices. Have you shown what is hanging on the wall? It looks very interesting.

MalinisQuilts said...

These clutches are so cute!

alidiza said...

Thank you so much!!! You know I love mine... those whales are just so me;-)

MBMathis said...

Those are awesome. I can definitely see making these as gifts for people, too!

Fran said...

I also bought this pattern when she had the $5 sale and finished it up yesterday. I enjoyed making it.