Thursday, April 04, 2013

Cross stitch, a coat, and a reunion

Right after my Chelmsford presentation - my family got hit with a few sicknesses and it's made me loose a lot of motivation to do much sewing.  It's funny- but I think I push myself too hard sometimes- so when I have a "valid" excuse to read a book or actually watch a movie (instead of just 'listening' to it while I am sewing)- I relish the experience.  For now, I don't have any real deadlines and with the warmer weather finally here - I think I am going to try to slow down a little and not pressure myself to complete so much.
Cross-stitch has been a welcome break for me - it's kind of addicting and I can still concentrate pretty well when Nick and I have a bit of time to ourselves at the end of the day.  Here's my progress on the Kawaii winter sampler:

I don't want to wait too long to make Charlotte a spring jacket.  I bought the whale fabric in the curduroy (top center) and I would appreciate opinions on the accent and lining fabrics.  I have to choose two because I don't have enough of any of them to only use one.  I want to make the hooded jacket from AMH's Handmade Beginnings book - example here

I completed my undergraduate in at BYU in Utah and rarely see friends from that time on the East coast.  A redeeming quality of facebook recently manifested itself when I got to reunite with an old friend from my "Study Abroad" semester in Romania that I participated in a full decade ago.  Linda now lives in NYC but was in town for business only an exit away from my house!  Our family had her over for dinner and she showed off her recent creation of this adorable quilt top.  She needed help in knowing how to put a quilt together and the best I could do (besides verbally explaining things) was point her to Elizabeth Hartman's blog

Linda told me that when she turned 30, she made a list of thirty things she'd like to do in her thirties, and learning how to quilt is one of them.  What an awesome idea to make such a list and I think it's great that she's already accomplishing one of her goals!  It's pretty cool that we have this connection so many years later as well.  There was much more on our minds when we had a pretty crazy and tumultuous four months in Romania!  It was probably the best experience of my life where I truly forgot about myself and served others - but it was also heartbreaking to witness so much suffering and feel like my work wasn't much more than a "band-aid" solution.


Jenny said...

i vote for metro circles and elephants on green.
great to have a reunion! 30 things while 30 is a brilliant idea! ill have to try that for the 40s!

Stephanie said...

I get into the same pattern myself - it feels like I'm either sewing nonstop or I don't want to look at the machine at all. Love your whale fabric for a spring coat! I like the red for the lining and the green elephants on white for accents. Enjoy your break - can't wait to see the rest of your sampler!

Alexis Deise said...

I vote for the Metro and elephants on white ground.

alidiza said...

Glad you are all feeling better. That coat with the whales is going to be soooo cute!!! Think I can get Audrey to wear one;-)