Sunday, April 21, 2013


What a week!  Today's gorgeous Sunday weather really feels at odds to the emotional turmoil I think we've all been feeling here in the Boston area lately.  Meeting with guild friends on Saturday was a much needed respite, I think, for all of us.  We discussed ways to assist the healing/charitable efforts emerging in response to the tragedy and I think some good ideas are in the works.  As I become aware of more details and ways that my blog readers could contribute, I will definitely share.  Folks in Vancouver have already contacted our guild about helping to participate in a campaign called, "To Boston with Love," full details here.
At the meeting, I wrapped up the WIP/Precious challenge we had begun in October.  In sum, guild members were encouraged to finish up any WIP's (works in progress) and cut into their "Precious" (special/hoarded) fabrics that they were saving for "too long."  Overall, I tried to keep the challenge fun and non-competitive.  For every project that a guild member completed, they received one entry into a little raffle for fabric gift certificates.  Overall, we had 39 entries- guild participation was definitely impressive.

This meeting also marked the end of my term as BMQG president.  I have been involved in guild leadership since the guild's beginnings in February 2010 - soon after the first meeting, I became vice president and when the president moved to Michigan for law school (how dare she!) in August 2011, I became the president.  I figured after more than 3 years it was definitely time to step down and it's important for other people to bring new ideas to the table and get a chance to lead.  I originally volunteered to help out with leadership because I felt that it would be the best way to get to know people in the guild- as my introverted tendencies sometimes prevent me from getting to know others.  Of course, I am passionate about modern quilting and am proud of the way that the organization has improved and grown - but at the end of the day, for me, it's about connecting to great people who share a common interest and can enable me and enable encourage laugh about my crazy fabric hoarding tendencies. 

But seriously, I really do recommend getting involved in guild board opportunities because you really get to know people and it's fun to help out the group.  Of course it does require significant time and commitment and there really isn't a manual or "how to" resource on how to run a guild....  I know I made mistakes and sometimes it was overwhelming to be the president as I had had a baby last year, but everyone really pitched in and I think we had a great year - we participated in our own show at Lowell Quilt Festival, hosted a visit from Angela Walters, had some fun challenges, got to participate in the Michael Miller Madrona Road challenge, had our third annual retreat last month, etc. 

So - the ladies in the guild surprised me with two loaded bags of loot and presents to thank me for my work with the group.  It completely surprised and overwhelmeed me.  I mean, they threw me the most AMAZING baby shower last year and I still feel emotional when I think about their thoughtfulness.  It felt like Christmas when I was going through everything after I got home from the meeting (I felt too embarrassed to go through it in front of everyone but a few friends begged me to at least blog it). 

So here's a picture of the handmade items- so many cute things.  Not everyone left a note or a card- but thanks to those who made these sweet items!

People really thought I don't have enough fabric - so they loaded me up with scraps, fat quarters, mini charm packs, and loads of patterns and other supplies.  I know someone was reading my blog because they included some great black and white pieces (can't wait to make that Bijou Lovely X quilt!).  It was funny to see the Amy Butler and Erin McMorris (far right)- as they had been in virtual shopping carts earlier in the week but I had exercised some self control. 

I made some modest gifts for my fellow board members and will blog those tomorrow.  Thanks for reading this long post if you've gotten this far!


MalinisQuilts said...

Its a really great knowing you since I joined the BMQG. Its have been a fun year.

Keep you doing what you do best. Greatly appreciate all your efforts for last years as our BMQG president.

alidiza said...

It's not that we thought you needed more, we just know what you like:-) You've done so much for the BMQG since its inception we wanted to give a little back!!!

Jenny said...

how sweet of them Laurie! Im sure you deserve it.

Tina in Boston said...

Wow -- lucky gal :) I hope you enjoy everything and am looking forward to seeing this fabric in your future quilts. Thanks for all you've done for BMQG!

Jen said...

Hey, we're all quilters ourselves and know that none of us actually need more fabric, but we sure love to acquire more and play with it. Thanks for all that you did for the guild.