Wednesday, March 20, 2013

WIP Wednesday: Stacks Improv

Remember this stack of fabric?  After being worn out from hours of ironing and endless pinning with the clamshell top - I decided to let myself indulge in an easy project for now:
The blue floral is a Nani Iro splurge I bought during my trip to Denver last fall.  The rest are stash fabrics - including a nice yard sale find (the darkest green). 
I almost made the quilt dominantly pink but I started with the green because if Charlotte ends up keeping this one - I want her to have something that is something besides pink.  Nick helped me decide that green was the way to go - he was home all day yesterday because of another snow day. 

Here's the completed quilt top- there wasn't a lot of planning involved and I am pretty happy with the results.  I think this kind of "pattern" would be nice done up as a larger quilt (shocking coming from me, I know).  But if you had a large scale print that you just loved - it would be a nice way to showcase it with a bunch of solids and a few low-impact prints.

I kind of want to have this done in time for my March 25 "Trunk Show" I will be presenting at my traditional guild.  They have asked me to focus on modern quilting and I don't think it will hurt to show them something that is a little bit "out of the box."  I will let you know how the evening goes - I am actually looking forward to it and not nervous at all (even though there are over 125 members!)


alidiza said...

Wow!!! This is fabulous (though you know I miss the pink;-) I'm sure Charlotte will treasure it!!!

MalinisQuilts said...

Cool! I love this quilt. Yes, its fun to do improv piecing, it's so liberating!

I am sure Charlotte will treasure these.