Sunday, March 10, 2013

Three Finishes

Thanks to everyone for their kind birthday wishes for Charlotte.  The day I wrote that post and complained about her sleeplessness- she started sleeping 8pm-8am uninterrupted!  It's been going on a full week now - somebody pinch me.....
I am excited that I have finished three quilts within the past week:

I decided to share my most favorite finish first, the DS 36-Patch.  It measures about 90 x 108.  I did a double loop squiggle (technical term) at the longarm quilter's studio to finish it up.  It is backed and bound in two Hope Valley prints that I got on a super sale over the winter. 
The funniest thing about this quilt is that I didn't really like it until I put it on my bed.  I just think it looks great when it's in use - I had my doubts all along as I was piecing and quilting it.  It's so traditional and this has made me realize how much strength there is in simple, classic patterns.  I also love, love, love Denyse Schmidt fabrics - some of them seem kind of ugly but then you use them and it's like, "wow - that's a genious print." 
Thanks for reading!


alidiza said...

WOW!!! That came out beautifully but if you just finished 3 quilts what are you going to do at retreat???

Jen said...

Wow, you've been busy!