Monday, March 04, 2013

Charlotte Turns One and Pantone Entry

My youngest had her first birthday over the weekend.  This is a picture of her screaming at the cake - she looks distressed because we aren't giving her a piece of cake fast enough - seriously.  You can easily see the handmade bib I made for the occasion:

I am just glad I have "survived" this past year- having a second baby was much harder for me than I had anticipated.  It took me about 6 months to come out of what I am sure was postpartum depression, nursing her was horrible at times, and she still isn't sleeping through the night consistently.   Just trying to keep it real here folks - of course she is a delight and I love her to pieces - but motherhood is hard!  Since she is a leap year baby - we celebrated her birthday on the 28th and the 1st.  Dinner with my parents and cake and presents were prescribed for one day and the next morning- I snuck away to longarm a quilt and finally redeem a manicure gift card I had stashed away.......
This quilt was Charlotte's main present as well as a doll and a stuffed lamb.  She now has about five quilts- it's just too fun to sew for a girl!
The administrator of the Pantone Emerald Quilt Challenge suggested I enter this into the contest, so I am linking this post up with her challenge here.  It measures 47 x55 and the pattern is Cub Crawl by John Adams from the Fat Quarterly book.  If you have made a quilt recently with green in it (and it's okay to have another color too) - consider entering - it's easy!
Here's a progress shot of the Little Apples Hexie quilt that will also be Charlotte's someday, these string blocks are too fun:
Thanks for reading!


Alexis Deise said...

Oh goodness, Laurie, it has been that long? She is so big and beautiful! Happy Birthday!!!!

cherie godbey said...

Going from one to two kids was hard for me too!!! Lovely quilt and beautiful little girl!

wishesUT said...

I can't believe she's one! Aren't kids just fun, amazing, exhuasting, frustrating and wonderful all at the same time? Thanks for keeping it real.

MalinisQuilts said...

She is so adorable. Happy Birthday Charlotte!

Love your hexie blocks. Is that from "Hexa Go Go" book?
I have been thinking of making a quilt from that book sometime this year.

Catherine said...

It's lovely - I really like the effect on the emerald of having a second colour.

Mara said...

aahh yes the second child, well I feel you pain and great job on getting any quilt done, let alone 5 just for one baby! Looks great love the colors glad I am not the only one to use other colors. (still working on my mini with 2 kids of my own it doesn't make sewing very easy).

✾Jamie Lee Cooley✾ said...

I was just checking out all the Pantone entries and yours is by far my favorite from the bunch. I already commented on it before maybe on Flickr, but I have to say it again, it's so cute and bright and cheerful...I just love it!

Your daughter is beautiful and congratulations for surviving the past year;) I have three daughters ages 7, 4, and 2 and although my husband would like to have one more, I am having a yard sale next month and saying goodbye to the baby years. It used to make me cry to even think about it, but I am ready.

Lovely bib and lucky baby having two celebrations! Leap year is a fun day for a birthday!