Wednesday, February 20, 2013

WIP Wednesday

I was almost sad to finish up the 20 rosette's for my Little Apples quilt - I really do enjoy working with hexagons. 

But the best thing about finishing one hand-sewing project is that I had an excuse to start another: I have been eyeing this Kawaii Winter Wonderland Countdown cross-stitch project for a while now.  Seeing all of my sister's success at cross-stitch made me want to join the fun.

I am really enjoying practicing some new free-motion quilting on the donkey quilt:

And I finally got a decent photo of this recently completed WIP.  This panel had caught my eye last spring and I cut into it pretty quickly- but I ended up having a fair amount of issues with completing this wall-hanging.  One problem was that I had not off-set one of the panels enough, later I ended up having to rebaste it after another debacle.  It kind of held my good basting safety pins hostage for a while because I was just not motivated to quilt it.  I am pretty happy with how it came out after all that!
My only issue now is, what do I do with it?  It's a little too adolescent for my living room.  Do any of my readers know of a place I could donate this to? 

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alidiza said...

I love the boxy quilting on your donkey quilt!!! So much cuteness:-)