Monday, January 14, 2013

2012 Wrap Up

Free time has been really limited lately, so please forgive the tardiness of this 2012 wrap-up post.  Pictured above is a snapshot of the ornaments I received from the ornament swap I had organized.  Thanks to all those who participated - it was a lot of fun and I really love all of them. 

In 2012, there were many highlights.  Instead of a statistical breakdown, here are a few highlights from my family life and sewing adventures:
  • I had a baby girl!  Our leap-day princess has made life so much more sweet.
  • I finished 15 quilts but seemed to focus more so on non-quilty items like baby things, a little home dec, and gifts.
  • The Boston Modern Quilt Guild hosted an amazing quilt show at the Lowell Quilt Festival.  It was a fabulous opportunity and our guild really came through in collaborating to put on a great show.
  • I had the opportunity to design a quilt for one of my most favorite fabric designers: Anne Kelle of Robert Kaufman fabrics.  It was no small feat to complete the Christmas Trees quilt when I had a newborn, but I did it and it was worth it!
  • They aren't coming out till this year (2013) but I submitted some work to Quilty and two quilts were accepted and will be published in the Jan/Feb and May/June issues.
For 2013, I would like to set some goals other than the typical "use up my stash" and "finish UFOs."  Here are my ideas:
  • Always have a hand-sewing project going.
  • Don't be afraid of the color black - use it dominantly in at least one quilt.
  • Make something with a zipper.
  • Use up some of my "precious fabrics" including Liberty Lifestyle, City Weekend, and Flower Sugar.
  • Make a quilt out of some of my fabrics from Uganda.
  • Make some couch pillows - using the "boppy" at an odd angle to rest my head in the living room is getting old!
  • Be generous in making things for others - I used to shy away from this because of a bad experience when someone completely ignored a handmade baby gift I had sent them.  It's time to get over that and use my talents to help others!
I hope everyone has a great year.  Thanks for subscribing.


alidiza said...

It's been a great year but it looks like even better things to come!!! Thanks for always inspiring me:-)

Jen said...

2012 was awesome, but 2013 promises to be even more so. I love all of the ornaments and how they all seem to work so well together.

Stephanie said...

Projects in Quilty - congrats!! I can't wait to read all about them :)

MalinisQuilts said...

Those ornaments are cute!

Great goals for this year!

MalinisQuilts said...

Congratulations on Christmas in July quilt. That is one beautiful quilt.

KerryQ said...

Wow, 15 finished quilts with a newborn! You must be exhausted!